Updated 7/3/14 Updated 7/3/14: S & B Amusements is Austin’s number one source for game sales and repairs. We are open M-F from 10-5 and can be reached via e-mail at sandbamusements@yahoo.com or via phone at 512-833-6560. We service Pinballs, Jukes, Arcade Videos, Air Hockey Tables, Slot Machines, Coin Operated Pool Tables, Gun Games, Skee Balls and any other game that takes a coin to play! We also service and repair games all over Texas. We have clients from Dallas, to Houston, to San Antonio and everywhere in between. We do not keep a ton of inventory on hand these days due to the poor economy for sales. Also, many machines are bought on line to save sales tax. We end up seeing most of those as they have been delivered not fully working! However, we do sell games and have available 10-15 pinball titles at any given time. In other words, the business has changed greatly during the almost 3 decades we have been in business. We also have a huge selection of Vintage Movie Posters for your Gameroom walls! From the smallest repair on site to the largest restorations and sales S & B Amusements is the place! There’s no need to send an e-mail to contact us because we are a brick and mortar store!

S & B Amusements has been serving Austin and Central Texas since 1989. We would not be here still if our games did not hold up well and our Client’s were not completely and totally satisfied!


We want to encourage all of our clients to call before they come in. We spend a huge amount of time in the field doing service work. Therefore, we are out many times during store hours. We are not requesting you set appointments Monday-Friday. We are however, trying to save you a trip where you find a locked door with a note saying we are gone! So, please call the store first. Thanks for understanding and we are very happy to be busier then we’ve ever been before!


A few words about Pinball Machines. Folks, they are getting really hard to find these days. We will only purchase nice examples that we know will make great games for you. In layman’s terms, that means there is a lot of junk floating around out there that we will not purchase. If you are in the market for a Pinball, please bear in mind that we are lucky to have 2-4 at any time. That does not mean we cannot find you one and will do so. Make a smart purchase. Take your time and give us some options. We will gladly help you determine what is best; whether you buy a game from us or not. Our advice is also totally free! Even if not buying from us, you will see us for any repairs. Don;t hesitate to run a game by us before you purchase. I have helped many folks avoid mistakes that way!

We now offer extended Service Plans on all Games Sold or totally reconditioned!

Call or e-mail for details.



We are proud to announce the addition of Radio Controlled Cars, planes, and heli’s to our amusement line-up. I started S & B Amusements out of my love for Pinballs many years ago. My second love has always been radio controlled toys! Please don’t get me wrong. This will never replace our games business or even get close to anything more then sideline fun!. However, there is a need here in Austin for someone who can break in nitro engines in cars, help you match batteries and brushless motors in your plane or car, build your car kit, your airplane ark and maiden and set-up. My twin boys and I have been collecting and building kits and arf’s of all types for years and now it is time to offer these services. We have also been picking up hard to find airplane and car kits, and have a variety to sell. These will be added soon. My son’s and I had this idea a year and a half ago and have been building inventory for longer then that! Bear with us as this info will get on line as soon as possible. In the meantime, we do have a selction of used RC racing buggies, hard to find electric airplane kits and arf’s, and you can always call!

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Ask about our in house warranties and lifetime 75% trade!